A MAN apparently “good with kids” left a baby badly injured after repeatedly hurling him into the air.

Charlie Boyle had been looking after the 12-week old boy at his home in Neilston in June 2017.

Boyle insisted he had been playing with the child, who he claimed was “laughing”.

But, the stricken baby ended up in hospital after becoming unresponsive and floppy.

A judge heard today how the child may have died, but for urgent medical help.

Boyle now faces jail after he pled guilty to culpably and recklessly throwing the boy to his severe injury and to the danger of his life.

The 22 year-old had initially gone on trial accused of attempted murder before admitting to the reduced charge.

The boy's mum told the High Court in Glasgow: “Charlie was good with kids.”

However, it emerged she had previously warned Boyle not to throw the baby into the air.

Despite that, Boyle ignored what he had been told.

It also emerged that the Paisley man's current partner is heavily pregnant and due to give birth later this month.

He had his bail continued pending sentencing next month.