Staff should ditch cars

If Glasgow City Council wants to cut down on the congestion in the city centre then it should begin by looking into making its employees from the Provost to the councillors, all the way through every departments and every one of its members to giving up their cars, especially the councillors who get privileged parking, and to either use public transport or a bike. This would cut down on the amount of cars in the city centre and their emissions.

The Provost herself should use public transport to show support for such a scheme and to donate her gas guzzling monster of a car to the Transport Museum.

So the message to Glasgow City Council, and especially its hierarchy within the hallowed halls of Glasgow City Council, is either get a travel pass or GET ON YOUR BIKE.

Caroline McCord, Glasgow

Gove admission

Did anyone see right through Michael Gove when he came out with his cocaine taking admission? It was as if to say vote for me I’m honest everyone.

Sorry Mr Gove, the very fact that you’re in the Tory party tells us all we need to know about your credentials.

Richard Low, Twechar

Morgan ‘interviews'

Surely Pierce Morgan must go down as the most sycophantic television interviewers in history.

His ‘interviews’ with Donald Trump were so sickeningly devoid of any substance, which is his hallmark, that you have to wonder what he has hanging over ITV executives that allows him such cringing adoration to a confirmed misogynist, racist and climate change denier.

Why do we allow air time to such a horrible human being?

AM, Glasgow