ORGAN donation has been nothing short of “life-changing” for mum-of-one Fiona Davies and her family.

Not only did a kidney transplant save the 37-year-old from a lifetime of dialysis treatment but is has given her the chance to have a second baby, which would have been impossible before, due to suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Now, three years after her own transplant, it is hoped that organ donation will transform her mum’s life.

Fiona’s dad Brian, 60, is undergoing final tests which should allow him to donate a kidney to her mum Betty, 60, who suffers from the same condition as her daughter.

Fiona was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease when she was 17, a hereditary disease which she successfully managed.

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However, the birth of her son James in 2012 impacted on her kidney function, causing it to decline until she reached end stage kidney failure in October 2016.

She got the call to say a donor had been found at her son’s fifth birthday party.

Fiona, who is married to Barry, 39, said: “Organ donation has been life-changing for me.

“I was lucky in that a donor was found within three weeks of going on the waiting list. I was just about to go on the dialysis list.

“My mum suffers from the same condition as me. My dad was originally going to be my live donor and had had most of the tests already, but then I got the call to say a deceased donor had been found.

“He’s just having final tests now but hopefully will be able to help my mum.

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“ Before the operation, I was told that it wasn’t advisable to have another child but I’ve now been told it’s a possibility for me.

“Organ donation has been life-changing for me.”