Sell off the BBC

Instead of charging over 75s for a TV licence the BBC should be sold of to one of the media giants.

I am sure Mr Murdoch or one of his competitors would pay round about £2 billion for the whole enterprise.

This money could be shared out among the over 75s as a wee bonus.

There are over 100 channels available on Freeview so the BBC is irrelevant.

William Allan, posted online

Let’s have justice

So Humza Yousaf does not want to women to be sent to prison.

I thought he was the justice minister not Santa.

Pay more attention to getting justice for the law-abiding citizens not the criminals.

LJT, Glasgow

Jail is right place

Regarding Catriona Stewart’s column on June 10 saying that jailing a mother with a young child is wrong. Is she serious or is she at the wind-up?

So if a mother with a baby commits murder, she shouldn’t be given a prison sentence? This individual stole thousands from the needy.

Plus the fact she was in a very privileged position. She knew what she was doing.

Another thing, does that mean a male with a young child that commits a serious crime should not be jailed? I think not.

Mac, Duntocher

Don’t we care?

I still recall when we looked after our elderly relatives – nowadays they’re dumped in these care homes (Evening Times, June 11).

Out of sight out of mind, until reports like the one above prick the conscience of those who put them there n the first place.

Donald Webster, posted online