Del Palmer once worked with Kate Bush during the ‘Wuthering Heights’ of her fame, and now the star’s former bassist is helping re-create that classic sound through a tribute act who perform the legendary singer’s songs.

He will join the singer’s tribute band Cloudbusting in Glasgow’s Oran Mor on August 8 and 9, and there is no doubt he is bound to know a thing or two about Bush’s back catalogue as her former partner and long-term collaborator.

Del said: “I wanted to celebrate 40 years of Kate’s music by working on some of her lesser-known songs with Mandy and Michael.

“Songs that some of my heroes and great friends contributed memorable bass parts to.

“Songs we worked so hard on in the studio to create complex arrangements also work so well in this simpler, more intimate setting.”

Last year, Cloudbusting vocalist Mandy Watson and keyboard player Michael Mayell were joined by Palmer in a tour of Ireland. The band is usually a five-piece, but for these shows – dubbed The Kate Bush Songbook – they will perform as a trio.

Del Palmer was a sound engineer for four of Bush’s albums including the chart-topping Hounds of Love. His performances with Cloudbusting at Wolverhampton, Kendal and Glasgow will be his last.

Keyboardist Michael described what it’s like to play with Palmer and expressed his delighted over the new edition to the band.

He said: “When you’re a Kate Bush fan, as we are, you obsess about figures associated with her. I saw his name on the records as a kid.

“He played bass on the songs and you can feel the emotion when he plays. It’s a joy to perform alongside him.”

He continued: “He was there the whole way through with Kate. He’s part of the music. You can see it in his face when he plays. He helps tell the stories of the songs as he was there.

“Sometimes he shares anecdotes from the studio to add to the power of the songs. We’re [Cloudbusting] just very lucky fans who have the opportunity to play with him. [Working

with Kate Bush] does not define him, but it is a major part of his life.”

Fans of Kate Bush might wonder how a tribute act manage to get someone who contributed to the creation of the songs to perform with them?

Michael said: “He approached us! Del came to see us play as a full band and saw that there was no hint of parody in our performance. Then he got in contact about being part of our tour for the 40th anniversary of Kate’s first album. I think he’d missed playing live.”

Last year’s tour was the first time that Palmer had performed Bush’s songs since 1979, as music legend Bush did not tour again until 2014.

Michael said: “People can expect to see piano-based songs, the more emotional ones. We’re making it as authentic as possible. There will be images and videos behind us to compliment the tunes. It’ll be two hours of great music.”

He also has a message for prospective fans: “People mustn’t forget to listen to challenging songs. Kate’s songs hit you and evoke emotion. Come and see it. Glasgow is the best audience. You don’t talk during the quiet songs, you really listen to the music.”

The Kate Bush Songbook with Del Palmer performs at Oran Mor on August 8 and 9.

Tickets can be bought at and from or by calling 08444 77 1000. You can also visit Tickets Scotland on Argyle Street.