Nicola Sturgeon has said school bed bug infestation is a "problem in different parts of Glasgow".

She was challenged about the infestation in a school in her constituency.

The Evening Times revealed the problem at St Bride's in the First Minister’s South Side seat where the school has had to install washing machines to clean pupils’ uniforms.

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Annie Wells, Conservative MSP asked Ms Sturgeon “What century is this? “

Ms Sturgeon said the problem existed in “different parts” of the city and said work was taking place to eradicate it.

Ms Wells asked: “In my region of Glasgow and in the First Minister’s own constituency a school has been forced to take desperate action to eliminate a four-year-long ordeal of bed bug infestations.

“Kids are getting rashes, pest control is visiting every few months and staff have had to destroy their home furniture.

“First Minister What century is this?”

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Ms Sturgeon replied it was not exclusively in the area she represented.

She said: “This is an issue in different parts of Glasgow.

"I know from my constituency interest in the case that Annie Wells is citing the intensive work that is being done by the council.

“I speak to council officials on these matters regularly and the other issues that are raised in my constituency and I know the work that is going on is very intensive and I think all of us have to encourage those involved in this to follow all of the guidelines in order that the work that is being done has the best chance of succeeding."