WHAT an embarrassment for the First Minister as news of bedbugs in a school in her constituency makes UK-wide headlines.

But what magic wand could Nicola Sturgeon wave in order to solve the problem?

A member of staff told the Evening Times that bedbugs in the area are now normal and just part of school life.

That should never have been allowed to become the case but Glasgow City Council is now, finally, taking robust steps to stop further outbreaks.

But the council needs support from Scottish Government level in order to fund the massive changes needed to eradicate poverty in the area - the only way to stop the proliferation of bedbugs.

It is now time for cross-party support for Govanhill, led by its constituency MSP, ensuring enough resources are going into the community to cut infestations off at the source.

A major issue is housing.

Bedbugs are coming to school from children's homes - and no child in modern Scotland should be living in those kinds of conditions.

Glasgow City Council is acting but that commitment must be replicated at all levels of government to make lasting change in the community.

And that change must happen now.