OUR STORY on vandals targeting a war memorial with graffiti sparked many online comments from readers. Here’s a selection of them...

How low can someone go?

Kevin Dougan, posted online

There must be CCTV in the area. Get them and jail them.

Taz 1959, posted online

Investigate the local area for idiots who write their names in bubble writing, stylised writing should be easy to find.

Caine Shaw, posted online

I OFTEN wonder if these soldiers would have willingly gone to their deaths if they knew how things would turn out today.

Something we will never get an answer to, but I am sure these morons don’t have an ounce of the bravery these soldiers had.

Tim Johnston, posted online

Clearly some mindless vandalism which should have been professionally removed as quickly as possible and never given the oxygen of publicity.

Gregor Cox, posted online

It may well be mindless vandalism, but it’s a reminder of the amount of freedom that people have in this country that would never have been achieved without many of these soldiers.

Name and address supplied

There is absolutely no point in speculating who carried out this mindless vandalism but there are clues in what was written.

Sam Boyce, posted online