A four-year-old boy who went viral after busking on Buchanan Street is to make his stage debut – with a tribute act to his favourite star.

Lochlan Bowie wowed crowds in Glasgow last week with an adorable rendition of Elvis’ Teddy Bear, after kind-hearted street performer Ross Anderson lent him the mic.

With a steady tap of his foot, the little star oozed confidence during his minute and a half long set, which attracted over one million views when it was posted online.

Parents Marianne, 29, and Iain, 36, set up a Facebook page for the young entertainer and were shocked to see it go viral within weeks.

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“Before I knew it, he had thousands upon thousands of followers and one of his videos has now been seen over 60million times – it’s unbelievable,” Marianne told The Evening Times.

Elvis is one of Lochlan’s favourite artists, and so it seemed only fitting that he perform a classic on his Buchanan Street set.

And it appears his choice has hit the spot, with the UK’s top Elvis impersonator reaching out to the family from Irvine with an offer they could not refuse.

Rob Kingsley is to take his award-winning A Vision of Elvis tour across the UK later this year, and told The Evening Times it is the ‘least he can do’ for the ‘next generation of Elvis star.

Now all that is left is for the venue to give the all clear to the duo.

The tour will stop by the Pavillion Theatre in Glasgow on September 14, and it took Lochlan a moment to realise how big this opportunity was.

“He had no clue where or what the Pavillion was when I told him,” Marianne said. "He’s a massive fan of Grado, so he was shocked to know that Grado had been there.

“It made him realise how big it was going to be. He’s so excited”

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But his stage debut will not be the first time Lochlan has performed in front of a crowd – besides his Buchanan Street gig, he is never seen without a dance in his step or a song on his tongue.

Marianne and husband Iain say home life can be quite hectic with the young entertainer, but they would not change it for the world.

“He’s always singing and dancing, always wanting to put on shows in and around the house,” she said. “We need to wait in the kitchen until he gets ready and organised and then he’ll shout us through.

“Neither of us like singing, but Iain likes a wee shot of the karaoke on holiday. But nowhere near Lochlan’s level. It just comes so naturally to him.”

His Facebook page is nearing 100,000 fans and is inundated with good wishes and encouraging comments that ‘make Lochlan’s day’.

Marianne says they even get comments from people spending time in hospital who say her son cheers them up when they are low.

But amongst the pride the two parents feel for their son, they say there is a slight worry that his confidence will dull in the coming years.

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“He thinks he’s famous – I just hope he doesn’t lose his confidence over the years,” the 29-year-old mum explained. “This is absolutely phenomenal – if he keeps it up, he has a chance of doing something, whether it be on a stage in a theatre or a musical. He’s definitely not shy.

“But there’s always the worry that when he starts school, it will go down slightly. We wouldn’t ever force him into something he doesn’t want to do – he has such a talent we just want to watch him grow.”

But when asked what he wants to do in the future, Lochlan had one definite answer: “A fireman!”

Between now and his impending firefighting career, Lochlan wants to continue singing and making those around him smile.

Marianne said: “These memories are so important – I can’t wait to show him all his hard work in the future.”

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You can check out Lochlan’s work on Facebook at Wee Lochie bear Bowie.