How many Ruths?

It appears that a third Ruth Davidson has appeared.

A lady called Ruth Davidson recently said that a referendum on Scottish independence should only happen if the SNP wins an “outright majority” at the next Holyrood elections.

Prior to this, another lady called Ruth Davidson said that the next UK Prime Minister should continue to refuse a referendum on Scottish independence whatever the circumstances.

In July 2016 a lady, also called Ruth Davidson, commented it would “not be wise” for the next prime minister to block a request for a second independence referendum.

At the time she noted that questions over trading markets, currency and borders were now “utterly different” following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

It would clearly be good for the public to know which Ruth Davidson is the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

Alex Orr, via email

Fitting send-off

Well done to all who attended (Royal Artillery veteran with ‘no family’ laid to rest, Evening Times, June 13) and also for all that who couldn’t but gave thoughts to him during the service. You did him proud and I’m sure he was looking down on you all with his comrades and thinking wow, what a turn-out. You did yourselves and Glasgow proud and to William, thanks for your service, sir, and now it’s time for you to rest.

You did your bit for your country and we applaud you.

Maria Cole, posted online

It was an honour

It was an honour and a privilege to be part off amazing send-off. I salute you, sir.

Terence Rooney, posted online