A NEW £23million state-of-the-art Glasgow school is expected to get the go-ahead today.

Councillors are due to agree on the new facility which would be developed for Maryhill pupils and fills a gap left when Wynford Primary School closed in 2009.

Situated on the playing fields at Queen Margaret Drive, the building would replace the former Wyndford Primary School.

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We spoke to parents and relatives from Parkview Primary, where children were sent following the closure of Wyndford Primary, about what they think of the proposal...

Elizabeth, who has nephews at the school, said: “I’ve not heard anything… I mean, if it’s handier for people… I know they shut the Wyndford. 

“They [the parents] weren’t happy with that. There were two schools, and when they shut them, they were kicking up. My nieces went to the Wyndford. It was sad when they shut it, but what can you do? it seems a lot of money, and if people aren’t happy about it, what’s the point?”

Reece, father of a pupil at the school, said: “I didn’t know about the new school. It wouldn’t even be in our catchment, even though there’s a lot of the Wyndford kids at this school. It sounds like a lot of kids for one school, and what about the kids who are already here or who came from the Wyndford?”

Samantha Whitely said: “They should just fix the Wyndford, I think, get the kids back in there. Rather than making up the big one.”

Thomas Brownley said: “It will not make a difference to my grand-daughter, she’s not staying in the area for the schools. There’s three primary schools here already. 
“It seems a bit pricey – especially with things so tight, with the council budgets.”

David McDougall said: “They need a new school here anyway. The pitch is the same pitch that I had when I was young. 

“My daughter is going into primary 5, she’ll be here for another couple of years. I work in Bishopbriggs, and I see a lot of the state of the art schools there. This is miles behind. 
I think it could be doing with a new school. I went to Cleveden, and when I think back to what I had when I was younger it was amazing compared to what my kids have. I do think they need a new school in the area.”

Paul Thomson said: “I don’t know what the schools are currently like with regards the teacher/child ratio – if there is a need for a bigger school, I’m all for it. 

“I’m always for schools, anyway. Particularly new schools. This school here is undergoing some work, as you can see, it’s dilapidated and had closed areas for a long time. 

“I think a new school would be a good thing for everyone. 

“As long as its not done under PFI, or will cost us a lot of money… but I’m all for it. I’m a great believer for education and I think that we should try give our children the best of facilities possible.”