George Square revamp

I note the council is doing a consultation on George Square.

While I sit here I can see small wins which wouldn’t cost too much and be within the means of the council: I would start off by fully pedestrianising George Square to stop young car racers using it as a race track.

I would fix the 25 potholes which can be seen while sitting down on the red surface across the square.

I would place plants in all the available spaces, clean the pigeon and seagull faeces from the famous statues while placing jaggy bunnets on them, consult with all the businesses to see if funding could be approved through Glasgow City Council’s city deal to install screens like in New York Times Square on key buildings and sell advertising space with all money going back to the council.

Name and address supplied

New primary boost

I was pleased to read about the plans for the new £23million school in Maryhill (Tuesday).

It’s badly needed and will prove a valuable asset to the local community.

JW, Glasgow

Rest are left to suffer

The West End gets millions thrown at it fora new school, while the rest of the city is left to rot as usual.

Iau m, posted online

Huge spend on school

this is the city council which can’t afford to cut grass throughout the city, whose parks are a disgrace, has weeds growing everywhere and has an infestation in another school but now suddenly has £23million to spend on a new primary.

Joe McLaughlin, posted online