A decade of grassroots power and collectiveness will be celebrated this weekend by one close knit Southside community.

On Saturday afternoon, the Battlefield Community Project hosts its tenth annual street party, bringing together the best in local talent and community activism.

Convenor of the area’s Langside Community Heritage project and Battlefield resident, Iain Ross Wallace, says: “Our first community street party started ten years ago, taking inspiration from the Eden Project’s Big Lunch, where people come together in a community space and share food and local tales with each other.”

Despite a heavy downpour of rain during their very first street party, residents persevered with hosting the free gathering year on year, with the annual shindig now a highlight of Battlefield and Langside’s community calendar.

Giving a platform for local music acts to perform in an encouraging environment, Iain adds: “It’s especially great to give young people an opportunity, particularly in a non-competitive way among family and friends.

“We’ve had some amazing talent at the parties. And no one has to book in advance for the open mic… you can just turn up.”

The street party anniversary will give local residents more than just an afternoon to eat, socialise and be entertained. The special day will also give a chance to reflect on how many positive community projects have blossomed in the area in the past ten years, as Iain explains: “The street party and wider community project has spawned a number of things.

“We took over the community garden space at the end of Arundel Drive in Langside. The land was being used as a rubbish tip for years, so we staked a claim on it, tidied it up and transformed it into the community garden that’s there now.”

Alongside the community gardening programme is Iain’s Langside Community Heritage project, which explores the southside of Glasgow’s rich historical and archaeological past.

With around 400 people attending last years’ street party, the Battlefield Community Project is hoping for the same number, if not more, coming together to celebrate the positivity that runs through the area.

Giving thanks to residents and businesses, who’ve made donations over the past decade, Iain says: “We receive great support from so many local firms in the community by way of raffle prizes and vouchers. It’s just amazing and it shows what can be done at grassroots level.

“This is so important as it means we can keep everything at the event free.

Iain adds: “We’ve been really grateful for all the donations over the past ten years... and those who continue to donate this year.”

The Battlefield Community Street Party starts at noon on Saturday. To find out more or to get involved as a volunteer, read more at the Battlefield Community Street Party's Facebook page.