THE full extent of claims against a Kirk minister sacked over allegations of inappropriate relationships can now be revealed.

Elijah Wade Smith, who was viewed as a rising star, began an affair with a married congregant just one month into his post; had an affair with a teenager; was abusive towards his girlfriend; and fondled himself in front of a church staff member.

A Presbyterial Commission set up by the Church of Scotland to review the behaviour of the Govanhill minister found that he should be sacked.

The complaints against the 32-year-old are now detailed in a report by the commission, which reveals a catalogue of sexual transgressions over several years.

Dr Smith, who came from California to join the church, was ordained as minister of Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church in January 2015.

Glasgow Times:

He quickly entered into a a 10-day affair with a parishioner who was in the process of divorcing her husband but who was technically still married.

The woman said she told the minister she was “in a dark place” and "seeking healing" and they exchanged stories of their past histories.

A list of 11 separate charges against Dr Smith, who was the Kirk's second youngest minister, also tells how he had an affair with the teenaged neighbour of the woman with whom he was in a committed relationship.

The minister also engaged in "inappropriate sexual behaviour" with a friend of his girlfriend who he contacted on Facebook and then sent highly personal messages to, talking about the death of a friend, how he hated himself and that he felt he had known her for a long time.

They met up in a pub, where they hugged and kissed, before the woman invited Dr Smith to sleep over at her house.

He said he accepted because he did not have enough money for a taxi.

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The pair then exchanged explicit text messages, despite the minister being in a committed relationship.

During the investigation into the allegations, Dr Smith, who has a Doctorate from St Andrew’s University, entered a special plea of being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

He wrote in a blog post that the condition means: "All too often I misinterpret what I am told."

The report details that Dr Smith called his girlfriend "a mess", "a dog" and "a failure", often in front of friends, family and the congregation.

He embarrassed her in public by commenting on her "clothes, behaviour and stupidity".

His long term girlfriend, the commission report says, felt insecure because of his lack of commitment and her suspicions that he was having affairs.

In a text message to her, in response to her asking about his fidelity, he told her to f*** off.

After he and his girlfriend split up, she came to him for support as a friend had been injured in a serious accident.

He appeared at her home with a bottle of whisky and the pair had sex.

After his suspension, a woman came to the manse to meet with him and see if he could have "time away from the parish".

Dr Smith initially appeared relaxed but then insisted on picking up a guitar to play her a song.

He began talking about the allegations against him and said it was "ridiculous" that one of the women had said he looked at porn.

The woman said she then saw Dr Smith was "was visibly aroused and that the position of his hands had changed and that he was fondling himself."

The minister denied this but the commission found the woman's evidence to be credible.

The commission said Dr Smith's behaviour showed a "concerning pattern" and "your conduct towards these women amounted to exploitation of them.

"It also demonstrates a sexually promiscuous nature."

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A Church of Scotland spokeswoman reissued a previous statement and added nothing further.

She said: "A Presbyterial Commission was convened to consider complaints against Dr Elijah Smith who was then minister at Queens Park Church, Govanhill.

"The complaints were upheld and a sentencing hearing was held on Wednesday, May 15.

"The decision of the Church court was to remove Dr Smith’s status as a minister."

Dr Smith said he will not be making any comment on the report.