Tributes to wrestler

WITH regards the death of Scottish wrestling legend Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum – it’s way too young to go. My condolences to Adrian’s family, friends and fans.

Martin Neilson, posted online

New school green light

MORE money spent again on mainstream schools (

Multi-million Glasgow primary school gets council go ahead

, Tuesday) – first millions spent on Gaelic schools now mainstream school, while the children with complex needs are scattered here there and everywhere.

A purpose-built building they say Langlands Primary is, yet it’s attached to a primary school. Glasgow should be considering more along the lines of opening school which caters for children with complex learning and medical needs from ages three to 16.

If East Renfrewshire can do it, we can do it too. I guess Glasgow just doesn’t care.

Cara Campbell, posted online

Susan Aitken column

This week the leader of the council wrote in this paper

to smear thousands of Conservative voters in this city as a ‘new breed of young Tory’

who are nostalgic for the premiership of Margaret Thatcher.

Susan Aitken’s divisive language is deeply regrettable. The divisions within my generation are perpetuated not by a Prime Minister from 1979 but by the First Minister of 2019 whose toxic record in government has seen Scottish schools plummet down the international league tables and left many of my peers shut out of further education by cuts to college places.

The Council Leader should spend less time obsessing over her own version of history and acting as the SNP’s cheerleader in the City Chambers and more time reflecting on her responsibility to represent all Glaswegians – not only those who happen to agree with her – and using her influence with her party colleagues at Holyrood to fight for this city.”

Cllr Thomas Kerr, Leader of the Conservative Group, Ward 19 Shettleston