A WOMEN'S aid group is to close after been stripped of its funding amid concerns of "financial irregularities".

Glasgow City Council has pulled annual support of £350,000 for a "collective" set up to help the victims of domestic abuse in one of the city's poorest neighbourhoods.

The local authority has also passed on a dossier about Drumchapel Women's Aid to police, Scotland's national public-sector financial watchdog and national charity regulator.

It is understood the council's investigation centred on whether a shelter intended for survivors of domestic abuse was being used by third parties, including men.

Drumchapel Women's Aid did not comment on this but blamed issues raised in the audit on a rogue unnamed employee and warned its services would shut by the end of this month.


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The council said money paid to the group would be transferred to other similar organisations - and that there would therefore be no net effect on services for the those fleeing domestic abuse.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: " Police Scotland, Audit Scotland and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator have been informed of the results of a council investigation into alleged financial irregularities at Drumchapel Women’s Aid.

"The inquiry was prompted by allegations from a whistle-blower. Alternative support and accommodation will be provided for the small number of service users, as no further financial support will be given to the organisation by the council.”

The council's annual report in to the work of its auditors included a brief statement on the case, although it did not name Drumchapel Women's Aid.

The report said: "An investigation has recently concluded into a third party organisation that has been in receipt of funding from the Council for a number of years, to the value of around £350k per annum.

"Internal Audit concluded that there was evidence that funding was being inappropriately used by the third party organisation and instructed council officers to cease payments and identify an alternative service delivery option."

It is not clear if the council will be able to get any of its money back - or how much it believes it is owed.

Drumchapel Women's Aid has a budget of around £500,000 a year, most of which comes from or through the council in a variety of funding streams.

It issued a response in the name of an anonymous spokeswoman. "We are aware that an investigation by Glasgow City Council has recently concluded into Drumchapel Women's Aid," she said. "Full findings of this audit report have not been shared with us, and current staff have not been given the right to reply.


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"The audit relates to inappropriate mismanagement by a former employee. On uncovering the extent of these issues, the group proactively notified funders, the Care Inspectorate, Scottish Women's Aid and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

"The employee concerned was then suspended while a full internal investigation was conducted with support from Scottish Women’s Aid.”

"Drumchapel Women’s Aid is a vital local service that supports women, children and young people experiencing domestic abuse and the service has operated in the local area for almost 40 years.

"In May alone we supported 83 women and 46 children and young people.

"The council has informed us that our service will end on July 31."

Police Scotland said: "We have been made aware of the situation with the charity. The concerns raised are currently being handled in line with our inquiry policy."