The mum of a Glasgow boy who was dragged under a car after being struck in an alleged hit-and-run incident has told how she is shocked he managed to walk away. 

Katrina Boal, 29, has said her son Kyle was rushed to hospital on Thursday after being mowed down in the 'horrific' incident near their home. 

The 10-year-old is said to have flown into the air after being hit by a driver on Devol Crescent in Pollok after her returned home from school, on the way to play with friends. 

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Kyle was kept in hospital overnight on Thursday for tests and observation, but was released on Friday following a number of scans. 

The 'resilient' schoolchild suffered a broken arm, infection due to burns to his arms, and also has a black eye and bloodied nose following the ordeal. 

Katrina said: "A lot of kids play out there, it is normally such a quiet road. 

Glasgow Times: Kyle in hospitalKyle in hospital

"I can't believe they have done this, it's so horrific. 

"I was in the house. He had just come home from school and ran downstairs to play with his friends.

"Then five minutes later there was knocking at the door and they said Kyle had been run over.

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"My heart just sank. He was conscious but his nose was bleeding. It was right in front of me, his body just lying there."

Kyle is said to now be at home recovering after the traumatic incident.

Katrina added: "Kyle is out of hospital now and perked up. He is so resilient and acting like nothing is happening. Just adapting to his stookie. 

Glasgow Times: Devol Crescent where Kyle was hitDevol Crescent where Kyle was hit

"Everything came back and it was ok. I was so shocked that he's walked away from this.

"The fact that the driver has driven off, he could have caused further damage. We think he has driven over Kyle's arm. I just keep thinking of all the what ifs. 

"Kyle is brilliant with roads, he has had it drummed into him. It just sounds like they were trying to maul him. How could you keep going? It hurts so much it is crazy."

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Katrina, meanwhile, has appealed to anyone who may have seen the incident or who has information about the car involved to contact Police Scotland. 

The family themselves have launched a number of calls on social media to help find the driver of the car involved. 

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Police Scotland said enquiries were ongoing.