PARENTS in Glasgow should be able to get more flexible childcare as part of a new initiative.

A new fund has been set up to help provide childcare outwith school hours across Scotland.

The £3m Access to Childcare Fund has been announced by the Communities Secretary on a visit to a school in Glasgow.

Aileen Campbell made the announcement ahead of a statement to be made in the Scottish Parliament this week on tackling child poverty.

Affordable childcare at the right time of day has long been argued as a barrier to parents being able to work.

Extra pressure during school holidays makes childcare unaffordable for many families.


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The Joseph Rowntree Foundation in a report on poverty has stated:

It said: “As well as pre-school care, after school and holiday care is vital to reflect the realities of working lives. But there is a role here for employers, managers and colleagues.

“Flexibility in the workplace can mean the difference between a relatively secure financial situation and going without the essentials.”

Ms Campbell said the after-school care and holiday clubs for youngsters was part of its “bold vision” of abolishing child poverty.

Speaking at Indigo Out of School Service in Castleton Primary school in Castlemilk, she said: ““The evidence shows that providing accessible and affordable out-of-school childcare can help low income families maximise their household incomes.

“Importantly, it can also deliver positive outcomes for children, providing opportunities for play and socialisation which is great for their well-being.”


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The Government said it was also concerned some children from poorer families ending up being isolated during the school holidays and this could have having an adverse effect on their attainment when school returns.

Ms Campbell said: “Child poverty levels are lower in Scotland than the rest of the UK but we believe it is unacceptable it exists at all.

“This fund is part of the Scottish Government’s bold vision for eradicating child poverty in Scotland.

“Our efforts stretch right across Government to support the families that need it the most - and these efforts are already making a real difference to thousands of families.”

On Wednesday the Scottish Governemnt is due to make a statement on progress on tackling child poverty.

The statement comes as anti poverty campaigners have urged the government to introduce its new income supplement benefit, to help low income families, sooner.

SallyAnn Kelly, chief executive of charity Aberlour, said: “Waiting until 2022 is too late for many families who are struggling now and the 240,000 children living in poverty.

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“The Scottish government must use the powers available to them before it’s too late.”