SHETTLESTON councillor Thomas Kerr has announced he is now backing Jeremy Hunt to become the UK’s next Prime Minister.

Mr Kerr has stated Mr Hunt, who has gone head to head with Boris Johnston, would be “well received” in Glasgow’s East End.

The councillor, previously said Andrea Leadsom was the “only one with a three-point plan to deliver Brexit and the only candidate he could see as going down really well in the East End of Glasgow”.

Mr Kerr said: “Jeremy Hunt has a good track record while serving as Secretary of State for foreign and Commonwealth affairs.


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“I think if he were to visit the East End of Glasgow and walk down Shettleston Road he would get a good reception.

“People are open to that type politician and like the thought of him visiting. He has a plan to deliver Brexit which is what the UK voted for.”

Mr Kerr said he admired Mr Hunt’s strategies and suggested the SNP adopt some of them.

The Glasgow councillor went on: “This man wants to cut small business rates in England. I think this is a policy which would go down well in the East End of the city.

“I would like the SNP to consider something like this. I believe Jeremy Hunt would go down ten times better than Nicola Sturgeon.


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“The number of people voting conservative is increasing in Glasgow and Scotland in general.”

Mr Kerr added that while he had a lot of respect for Boris Johnston he felt Jeremy Hunt would be taken more seriously.

Mr Kerr added: “For me Jeremy Hunt has the edge and I have a lot of respect for him.

“While I do have a lot of respect for Boris Johnston we need a leader who is not going to be seen as a bit of a joke.

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“I have met Jeremy Hunt and he was very interested in Glasgow. No matter who is is I will be inviting the next Prime Minister to Shettleston.”