Tory impact on country

So Councillor Thomas Kerr thinks that Susan Aitken is being divisive about young Tory voters, well let me tell you Councillor Kerr, I lived through the Thatcher years, and before Thatcher came to power I was gainfully employed.

She destroyed lives and industries in her pursuit to eliminate trade unions, that no doubt you would like to eliminate. You do not say what age you are, but no doubt you or any of your family did not have to work for 80 pence per hour for 160 hours in a week, nor did you have to work under the radar wondering if the next knock on the door was the police.

My mum and dad worked all their lives providing for us five children until Thatcher came along, my father passed away on February 11, 1989 when Thatcher was in power. He died in the RAH in Paisley in a women’s ward because there was no other place available.

So let’s move on, do you know in the early 1980s you could go to your doctor and get a sick line and nobody in the government would question it, in fact you could be sick for as long as you wanted – why? Because it took you off the four million unemployment list.

But now you Tories are attacking innocent people who are ill to get to the guilty, yes there are people defrauding the system as there are people avoiding tax.

You know I could go on and on, but there is one thing that you Councillor Kerr should keep in mind is this – you Tories stabbed Thatcher in the back.

One of the greatest days of my life, a pity my late father was not here to see it.

Jim Tees, Renfrewshire

Taxi fare price surge

It is getting to the point that ordering a taxi is becoming a luxury item.

The recent price increases means it is £3.40 just to set foot in the taxi, with increases every few hundred yards. I now would only order a taxi if I had no other alternative. They are pricing themselves out of the market.

MA, Glasgow