THE UK’s first after-alcohol revival drink has been launched after being developed in Glasgow.

After four-and-a-half years of prototype testing, market research and clinical study, Bounce Back hit the web this week.

The scientifically proven formula was created by two biotechnologists after they failed to find anything similar on the market.

Bosses say the drink is specifically designed for people who can’t afford to have a “down day” after a night out.

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The formula combines amino acids, essential vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to help your body recover after a night out, as well as 16 carefully selected components to boost the immune system.

Vandana Vijay, co-founder of Bounce Back said: “It took 22 months to develop this drink because the formulation is so complex. Version number 54 was the winner that made it to the can. We are so excited to finally launch Bounce Back.”

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