ON the day new statistics revealed homelessness increased in Glasgow, a group of volunteers were handing out food to people on the streets.

The group, with ‘Helping Hearts for the Homeless’ shirts, gave out food and water to homeless people in the city centre.

Marie, 38, has been homeless for three months after fleeing an abusive partner and subsequently having her five young children taken into care.

Sitting outside Greggs next to Central Station, she said: “I hate it. People look at you like you’re a piece of sh*t. It’s horrible, I’m a human being.

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“It’s hard, it’s harder for a woman than it is for a guy. I just want to get somewhere and get sorted. Get off the streets. I don’t want to be homeless. I didn’t plan to be homeless.”

As the group gave out warm food and water, it appeared to spur the public to come forward, speak and donate money to those in need.

A young graduate living on the streets refused food and water but softened after a woman came out of M&S to put her arm around him and offering words of encouragement.

Outside Princes Square on Buchanan Street, another homeless man, William, sits with a sleeping bag around him and all his belongings in a bag at his side.

He suffers from mental health issues including self-harm and suicidal tendencies.

He said: “It’s difficult as a single man to get a house. They’re all built for families and there’s no space for guys on their own.

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“Nicola Sturgeon, she came here, and she said three years ago she would do everything in her power to help the homelessness. But she’s still done nothing.”

On Argyle Street a young woman stopped to pet a homeless man’s dog, feeding it treats while she spoke to the man, Darren who said he has been homeless for 21 years

Volunteer Sean Clerkin. said: “It’s an absolute disgrace this is happening in the 21st century and we can do something about it.”