IT was the end of another hectic week at Tec Towers and The Moll was restless.

"We’ve hardly seen each other recently,” Toots complained as I stumbled through the door ready to collapse into my favourite arm chair.

I had been inundated with cases to solve this past week and

I was ready to relax.“I know what will cheer you up,” I said. Toots immediately stopped pacing, her eyes glistening.

Before I knew it she had hopped in front of a mirror combing her hair, making sure every strand was sitting just right.

Eventually the door swung open and Toots appeared at the top of the stairs in a black floor-length dress. She was ready to go and so was the Buick.

We decided to head out of town for once and drove to an Italian restaurant in the heart of East Kilbride village.

Zucca Ristorante Pizzeria on the Main Street had been recommended by friends.

As we arrived, the popular establishment was turning away customers who hadn’t booked.

Despite being so busy, a member of staff calmly showed us to our table and handed us a wine and beer list along with a food menu.

As we browsed what admittedly looked like a delicious selection of food, I couldn’t help but feel it was over priced.

Toots agreed. “How can they charge almost £14 for a pizza or £16 for a pasta she cried.”

These dishes were in the “fancy” section of the menu and were more sophisticated than a basic margherita pizza or arrabiata pasta but we still felt their prices were a bit steep.

Eventually we came to the “combo section” which was what enticed us in the first place.

Friends had told us that indecisive diners, like ourselves, could combine half of any pizza with half of any pasta.

This immediately grabbed our attention. Toots opted for pasta carbonara and pepperoni pizza before turning to me, wishing

I was giving Meat Free Mondays a stab and was disappointed to see the joint had very few vegetarian options.

Eventually I settled for a margherita pizza and vegetable pasta. I added peppers and onions to my pizza for £1 each to try and make it more exciting.

Still keen to try out the starters, Toots tucked into a portion of chicken liver pate and I settled for bruschetta topped with tomatoes, olive oil and red onion.

Overall we did think the food was delicious and the staff were warm and welcoming but had it been slightly cheaper, we may have been tempted to stay for another drink.


Pate Della Casa £7.95

Bruschetta £6


Pizza and pasta

combo x 2£29.90

Extra toppings x 3 £3


Beer x 2 £9.90

Glass of wine £6.60

Total £63.35