TWO thirds of people in a council survey backed making George Square traffic free.

Last year the council asked for views on closing the city’s landmark square to traffic on a permanent basis.

More than 5000 people responded to the survey and 67% were in favour of a car free square.

Of the total 54% said they strongly agreed with closing George Square on a more permanent basis and another 13 % said they agreed.

One in three were not in favour with 4% saying the disagreed and 26% strongly disagreeing and 2% neither agreed nor disagreed.

The Survey was carried out last year asking people if they supported closing the square to traffic for the European Championships and 75% were in favour.

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The Evening Times has called on the council part of the plans to redesign George Square to make it traffic free and launched our Go for it campaign.

A traffic free square can improve the city centres poor air quality and create more space for people to walk and encourage more businesses to offer outdoor spaces, making it a more attractive place to visit.

The survey was carried out, last summer, but the findings never made public until now as the council decided to hold an engagement exercise with the public on the future of George Square.

When the survey was launched council leader Susan Aitken said: “I think most Glaswegians would like a George Square that is focused more on people, rather than cars. We’re keen to hear what the city feels would work.”

The Evening Times went out to hear what people in the city centre through about making the square traffic free.

Most were in favour but some could foresee problems.

Connor McCallum, Student, said: “I’m a full-time pedestrian, and I only use public transport, so I’m obviously in favour of the idea of pedestrianising the square. I’d be all for it.”

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Adam McDonald, council worker, said: “it probably would be beneficial for folk walking about, visiting the town. I work in the public sector, so I have to deal with traffic issues, but I do think it would be more beneficial, to be honest.”

Linda Alexander, Mother, said:“I would say make this a pedestrianised area, add a bit more grass. It would be a nice place for everyone to meet up.”

Bill Harland, taxi driver , said: “It would need to have a taxi rank – it wouldn’t get any service to the station. I don’t think pedestrianising it would be a good idea, because you still need to service the traffic coming from the train station.”