Menace of cyclists

Totally agree with your letter earlier this week from ‘Angry’ regarding the menace of some cyclists in Glasgow.

My worry is that letters like that have been published in the Evening Times and other publications for years now about these dangers and absolutely nothing has been done to address them.

It’s like cyclists have the freedom to do whatever they lick with impunity.

The authorities are simply not interested in addressing these issues in case they hurt someone’s feelings.

MA , Glasgow

Cycle path network

While I fully support the city project announced by Glasgow City Council in the Evening Times on Tuesday and I would intend to make full use of them.

Glasgow City Council does not have any spare funds or staff to service the existing cycle network with a manual brush once a month.

How are the intending to keep the 590km of cycle network debris free.

The cycle paths on Wallacewell Road in the north of the city are certainly not maintained on a regular basis, however on Fitzroy Place in the West End the fallen leaves even get removed from the pavements.

Seems like depending what postcode you have defines the service you get.

Carole Phillip, Robroyston

Repair city attractions

IF the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens were in the West End there would be no question about getting them fixed – it would have been done long ago.

Lau m, posted online

Never been consulted

I ALWAYS find the statement going to consult the public laughable.

Born in Glasgow and lived for here for 70 years and never once been consulted about anything.

Selective method of council getting what it wants without taking the blame.

Douglas Waugh, posted online