A MASS exodus was under way as tens of thousands of holiday makers jetted out of Glasgow Airport.

Despite the first day of planned strike action taking place at the airport yesterday, passengers were soon on their way to sunny climates.

Developments throughout the day saw the second strike day tomorrow suspended to allow for more talks to take place on Monday between bosses and union leaders.

Mark Johnston, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said: “Unite has confirmed it has suspended the planned industrial action for Sunday 30 June. This is to allow for further talks to take place on Monday 1 July during which I hope we can reach a resolution.”

This weekend is set to be the busiest yet, with more than 165,000 passengers expected to travel.

This year the most popular locations were Portugal, Alicante, Crete, Turkey and Florida, with city breaks to New York, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice also proving popular amongst travellers.

Although the airport had stationed additional staff, queues snaked around the check-in desks while families waited to drop their bags.

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Jason Mullaney finished up his work as a traffic manager yesterday and was flying off to Tenerife.

“I’m excited mostly to get in the pool, it being nice and warm, and just to get away for a bit. It’s looking busy today, but hopefully my flight isn’t as busy as the rest.

I’m hoping we’ll beat everyone to the check-in desks!”

As couples flew off together, bigger groups and larger families were also waiting in the queues.

Holiday-maker Chantelle Robertson queued with her little brother David. Excitement was palpable and both were wearing Minnie Mouse ears and matching T-shirts. Two turned into twelve as the whole family prepared to go to Florida – Chantelle, David, their sister Tiegan, cousins Meghan and Carly Hall, and parents, aunties and uncles included.

“We’re most excited for the theme parts. It’s Disney, Disney, Disney. Twelve of us all going to Florida. There are lots of different people to see!”

The arrivals lounge was also busy. Donna Gardener had just arrived from Toronto to visit family.

“We’re here for our vacation until Wednesday, then from there we’re going to Ireland.

“We’re going to Loch Lomond, Crieff and to do a whisky tour of Scotland.”

They planned to go to Edinburgh and Stirling, too.

“There’s hundreds to do. The weather is fantastic.”

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As airport officials denied the strike action had anything to do with queues, staff were rushed off their feet.

Charlotte McCluskey is a meet and greeter at the airport for the summer months. “It’s absolutely hectic. I’ve got 150 people arriving today, I’m rushing all over. I’m on my way to greet someone right now!”