Glasgow’s leaders are still committed to bringing in 20mph speed limits in residential streets despite the plan being voted down in Holyrood.

The Scottish Parliament rejected Green Party representative Mark Ruskell’s bid to introduce the legislation across the country earlier this month.

He had hoped it would reduce deaths and serious injuries on the road.


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Green councillor Allan Young, who put forward a motion supporting the scheme and was backed by the council in April, asked Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, to reaffirm commitment to the scheme.

Ms Richardson said: “The recent decision in the Scottish Parliament not to proceed with the 20mph bill does require a review of Glasgow City Council’s approach.”

She said council staff were being asked to estimate the costs and the time frames of introducing 20mph zones.

She said there were already 80 mandatory 20mph zones across the city.

Mr Young asked her to express disappointment over the Scottish Parliament decision, where SNP, Conservative and Lib Dem MSPs voted against the plan, which he said would help to promote active travel.

Ms Richardson said she was happy to reiterate Mr Young’s motion, adding: “I and this SNP city government still support the principle of rolling out citywide 20mph.

“We haven’t changed our position, we support 20mph for all urban areas.”


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The motion states: “This is a cost-effective public health measure which will reduce road deaths and injuries, improve air quality and encourage more walking and cycling. We are fully supportive of this Bill.”

A report on the council’s progress introducing the scheme will go before a relevant committee later this year.