GLASGOW has one of the cheapest airport parking rates in the UK as Edinburgh takes the top spot.

New research has compared the cost of parking a car for two weeks during the summer, from August 5 to 19, at an official airport car park at 22 of the UK’s busiest ones.

Glasgow Airport came in at the eighth cheapest at a cost of £66.87, while Edinburgh Airport came in at number one for being the least expensive of all at a cost of £43.99.

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London City, on the other hand, was named the dearest in the country with a bank-breaking figure of £196.50.

The least expensive airport parking:

1. Edinburgh - £43.99

2. East Midlands - £58.49

3. Stansted - £59.99

4. Doncaster Sheffield - £62.49

5. Belfast International - £62.99 

6. Belfast City - £65.99

7. Leeds Bradford - £66.00

8. Glasgow - £66.87

9. Southampton - £69.00

10. Birmingham - £69.99

The most expensive airport parking can be found at:

1. London City - £196.50

2. Gatwick/South Terminal - £115.00

3. Gatwick/North Terminal - £112.00

4. Southend - £104.99

5. Manchester - £101.99

6. Liverpool - £97.99

7. Heathrow - £97.40

8. Luton - £93.99

9. Cardiff - £91.00

10. Bristol - £90.99

Emile Rossouw, the founder of My Late Deals, the team which conducted the research, described how it is important for consumers to research a wide range of parking options, considering how costly and stressful it can be.

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She added: “For those on a budget, car parks located off-site or a short bus ride away from the terminal are often the cheapest. But, at a few of the airports we researched, the cheapest parking option was a premium service. 

“By booking early you can take advantage of a wider range of parking options so don’t leave it until the last minute.”