A DRIVER has demanded a refund after paying for Sunday parking when others who didn't escaped with a warning.

Lawrence Gilgallon, 65, had read about parking charges being introduced by Glasgow City Council on a Sunday in the Evening Times.

So when he turned up on Sunday for a shopping trip he stumped up the £6 for 90 minutes.

However when he returned to his car he saw that other drivers who had not paid had simply being given a warning.

Lawrence, from Paisley, who parked off Wellington street on Sunday, said: “When I got to the machine it clearly stated ‘Sunday parking – usual charges’. I paid £6 for my 90 minutes parked, and we walked into Argyle Street. On the way back I said to my wife, look at all these cars with tickets on them. I happened to look at one of them and saw it was a warning notice.

“I paid my £6, and those that didn’t got off with it. I’ve written a letter to the council saying I’ve been penalised for playing by the rules, and I’d like a refund. I don’t know why they’ve got it on a Sunday.

“People will just go to the likes of Silverburn and park for free.”

We reported on Monday how parking charges were due to start on Sunday, but actual fines were not enforced by Glasgow City Council. Charges of £1 for 15 minutes were in place and the new restrictions were imposed, meaning that no parking was permitted on single yellow lines.

Although some drivers purchased tickets – from machines that clearly stated that parking fees were in place on Sunday – many drivers did not.

In each case the non-ticketed cars had warning signs tucked into windscreen wipers that said that there was no parking on the single yellows from Monday to Sunday until 6PM. The signs included the request to “please park with consideration for other road users”. These were in place of tickets, meaning that no fines were actually enforced on Sunday.

A council spokesman said: “The recent change in parking arrangements for the city centre gave us the legal authority to charge drivers for the use of on-street parking bays on a Sunday from June 30 onwards.

“For the first day of these parking arrangements only, it was considered appropriate to issue a warning to drivers who failed to comply with the new restrictions.

“The new arrangements for parking in the city centre, which include restrictions on parking on single yellow lines, will be fully enforced from next Sunday, July 7.”