GLASGOW MPs have called for all asylum seekers in the city to be given leave to remain in the country.

Labour's Paul Sweeney, who represents Glasgow North East, has suggested those living in the city should be granted a 'general amnesty' by the Home Office.

The forced evictions of as many as 300 asylum seekers by contractors are due to begin next week, despite an ongoing battle challenging their legality.

On Wednesday interim interdict orders were granted preventing imminent lock change eviction for a number of asylum seekers served with eviction notices by Serco.


Serco could 'flee' Glasgow, leaving vulnerable refugees on the streets, campaigners say

Those removed from their homes would be left destitute, although many still have active asylum claims with the Home Office.

Mr Sweeney believes giving those living in the city the right to remain here would benefit both them and their communities.

He said: "There is a question of human dignity here, and I do not have a problem with a general amnesty for asylum seekers.


Serco told 'you've picked the wrong city' in Glasgow asylum seeker lock change row

"I think this could help provide them with support, given the current process is such a mess.

"Many have already lived here for years, it is a horrible situation.

"At the moment they are being denied their right to contribute to society, and this is a loss to the community.


Susan Aitken slams Home Office over plans to evict 300 Glasgow asylum seekers

"We need to liberate asylum seekers as it would be a massive benefit to the community."

SNP MP Chris Stephens, who has been supporting threatened asylum seekers in his constituency, has echoed his Westminster colleagues calls.

He added: "This is an extreme symptom of a failed and broken Home Office approach to its responsibilities.

"I am deeply saddened that both the Home Office and Serco have decided to heartlessly press ahead while the matter is still to be settled in the courts.


Glaswegians protest against Serco evictions

"The priority must be to help all those facing asylum destitution and for that reason I support an amnesty for all asylum seekers affected by the ongoing mess.”

The move has been backed by a number of campaign and support groups across Glasgow, with Positive Action in Housing welcoming the move.

The Scottish Refugee Council Gary Christie added: "For those people whose claim for asylum has been fully refused and who cannot return for various reasons to the country they left, it is Kafkaesque to expect them to survive in destitution with no right to support themselves or receive support.

"They should be granted a temporary legal status and not continue to be failed by a failed UK asylum system.

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The Home Office have been approached for comment.