A MAN who weighed 37 stone this time last year has credited walking for his life-changing 17 stone weight loss.

Neil Sharp, 38, says he couldn't more around 200 yards and his size had left him suicidal.

He was binge eating in secret, sometimes consuming three cheeseburgers and two packets of biscuits in one go.

Fast forward 12 months and while his weight loss journey is not complete he is now regularly walking nine miles and aims to have lost 20 stone by the time he takes part in the Great Scottish Run in September to raise cash for Mental Health UK.

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Neil, who is from Coatbridge, lost weight on the 1:1 Diet by the Cambridge Weight Plan, which provides calorie controlled meals and one-to-one support from a consultant. Neil has now signed up with the company to help inspire others to lose weight.

Research has shown a brisk 30-minute walk five days a week can be more effective than any other form of exercise for keeping weight down and can be more achieveable for those who are very overweight. 

Glasgow Times:

Neil said: ""I was on medication for years as I had quite bad depression. It stemmed from being so big and unable to do a lot of things. My size really did have a big hand in it, as I'd constantly think people were talking about me

"I binge ate all the time, mostly in secret.

"When I was night shift, it was the easiest time to take food into the house. I found myself heading to the burger van in the morning and getting two cheeseburgers or three, a couple of packets of crisps, and a couple of cakes.

"I'd then head to the shop and get a couple of packets of biscuits and a few bars of chocolate, all washed down by a two litre bottle of full fat juice.

"I'd also take snacks into work too; two packets of crisps, more chocolate etc.

"Weekends would also be bad as I would have a large pizza, chips, and anything else that I could think off.

"I decided to take action because I was so depressed, I didn't want to be alive anymore.

"My life was a mess and i couldn't see a way out. I had suicidal thoughts constantly and I hated who I was."

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Neil's ex-wife Suzanne, still a close friend, had lost a lot of weight on the 1:1Diet and encourage him to try it.

He said: "It was pretty much a do or die decision. So after speaking to the doctor and dietician, I was given the go ahead to start. I started on July 10 last year and I've never looked back. I'm fitter, healthier and more alive than ever. I want to live my life and I'm loving who I've become.

“Last year I couldn’t walk more than an eighth of a mile without needing to rest, now I can walk nine miles.

"It’s such a flexible type of exercise and small lifestyle changes can make a big difference like walking to the shops instead of always driving.

“I’m taking part in the Great Scottish Run to encourage others, because if I can do it, then anyone can."

The Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run festival includes a 10k and half marathon distance as well as a Family Mile, Junior Run and Toddler Dash on September 27 and 28.

For more information and to enter visit greatscottishrun.com