Scots actor Gavin Mitchell proves that he is still game after being awarded his honorary degree from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Gavin received a Doctor of Letters in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the television and media industry, together with his commitment to mental health awareness and support of the University’s MA in TV Fiction Writing students. 

Glasgow Times: Gavin Mitchell's speech had folk roaringGavin Mitchell's speech had folk roaring

“I am very excited indeed,” Gavin said. “I’m feeling a whole gamut of emotions at the moment.

“I’m shocked, stunned, excited ... all sorts of things. It’s unbelievable - a huge honour to spend the day with the students as well. I’m humbled. 

“I’m also very excited to be dressed like superman, and wear this pancake-type hat on my head. I never saw that coming.’ 

In his acceptance speech, which he opened with Boaby the Barman’s catchphrase ‘..look who it isnae’, Gavin thanked his late father for introducing him to self-education, Glasgow Libraries, and the city’s Citizens Theatre, where he started his acting career.

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Despite speaking to the Evening Times minutes before he addressed the 2000 students at the ceremony, Gavin proved that nerves had definitely not got the better of him as he joked with trademark Glasgow humour. 

“I’m looking forward to eventually being able to say, ‘The Doctor will see you now’. 

"When someone asks me, ‘And what are you a doctor of?’ I’ll be able to say, ‘A doctor of letters’, as if I’m a doctor of the alphabet, like someone off Sesame Street. 

‘The letter ‘A’ is brought to you today by Dr. Mitchell’” he joked.