A student popped the question during an emotional graduation ceremony - to the shock of his delighted bride-to-be.

Gordon Cowan, 25, got down on one knee and asked the love of his life, Caitlin, to be his wife on his own special day.

Glasgow Times: Gordon shocked Caitlin with the proposalGordon shocked Caitlin with the proposal

Forward-thinking Gordon let his missus' family in on the surprise to make sure she was looking and feeling her best on the day.

But Caitlin has told how she was convinced she'd have figured out Gordon's plans - making the surprise proposal all the more special.

She said: "Gordon's not usually the type of person who's able to keep too much from me, if he'd booked us a holiday I'd have maybe guessed.

"At the graduation all his family were there and he'd told my sister who arranged for my nails to be all done up.

"It was my birthday a few days ago so I just thought that was a late birthday gift.

Glasgow Times: He got down on one knee during the special gestureHe got down on one knee during the special gesture

"My mum and sister said they'd come in to the city just for a bit - little did I know they were in on it.

"We were standing getting photos and I was standing next to him. He said 'there's actually two celebrations today', but I didn't pick up on anything.

"I turned around and he was on his knee.

"I was absolutely gobsmacked, I didn't expect it. I thought I'd have sussed him out but he caught me by surprise."

Glasgow Times: Gordon took her by surprise with the ringGordon took her by surprise with the ring

Mechanical Engineering grad Gordon and Mental Health nurse Caitlin, 26, have been together seven years.

They've both now graduated from Cale after she wore the gown back in 2014.

And Caitlin reckons the setting for the proposal was fitting.

She added: "It was already a special day for us, we've now both graduated from Glasgow Caledonian.

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"It was just a really nice, fitting way to start the new chapter of our lives together where it all started."

Speaking today, Gordon explained how his nerves subsided when he thought about how much he loves his soon-to-be wife.

He said: "I actually didn't feel that nervous because we have been together for almost seven years.

"The only thing I got nervous about was what I was going to say, but it came out naturally at the time.

"She's an incredible person, having been with her that length of time there was nothing to be nervous about."