This is the hilarious moment a Scots dad donned countless jumpers on the way home from holiday - to dodge paying extra for baggage.

The Bearsden family had been travelling home from France when they found their bags had amounted eight kilogrammes over the airport baggage threshold.

But quick-thinking John Irvine was not so keen on the extra fees and came up with a plan on the spot.

*Warning: Video contains strong language*

After being asked whether he was willing to pay extra, the 46-year-old told the staff member "Hen, watch this", and proceeded to empty the contents of his suitcase.

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He pulled on 'about 15 jumpers' to cut down the weight - and to the family's surprise, it worked.

But it was not to be so easy, as security chiefs were sceptical of what was underneath the extra padding.

Son Josh, 17, told The Evening Times: "The staff were in stitches but trying to get through the security was a struggle because they thought he was trying to smuggle something under all his clothes.

"Thankfully we got through eventually."

He posted the video to Twitter, where it racked up thousands of likes and retweets.

The dad can be seen sweating with the bulky clothing, but that did not deter his efforts.

Fans of the video can apparently relate to John, with many saying they had or were planning on carrying out the exact same idea.

One commented: "This will be us".

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Another related a little too much and asked their friend: "Does this remind you of London?"