City’s lost souls

I can see why no one wants to come into Glasgow city centre on a Saturday night to enjoy the night time economy.

I note especially along Argyle Street, homeless people were setting up tents, aggressive begging by people on couples trying to enjoy a night out, drug addicts lying in door ways spaced out their minds and police walking past helpless with no powers to help these lost souls. The council keep talking about a city centre action plan and group – it would seem no action is ever taken.

Name and address supplied

World Cup was a joy

The Women’s World Cup has been an absolute joy to watch and congratulations to the USA for deservedly winning the trophy. Women’s football is on the up – let’s hope they can find the resources to take it forward. Another pleasing aspect was the contribution by the fans who showed great respect to all the teams involved without the rancour and hatred associated with the men’s game. Great entertainment.

M A, Glasgow

Dye these neds

Time to come down hard on neds who throw stones at firefighters. Hose them down with a chemical dye in the hoses to identify them so they can be arrested.

Forget this idiot rule that they cannot be hosed.

L J T, Glasgow

Bin lorry safety

Following news revealed by I Am Roadsmart Charity, that bin lorry drivers are not subject to random breath tests for alcohol or drugs in 30 of 32 Scottish Councils, despite several positive results, this raises serious questions.

You’d think since six people were killed in a bin lorry accident in George Square in 2014, bin lorry safety would be deemed far more important to all 32 Scottish Councils. Clearly this is not the case.

Jill Ferguson, Thornwood