Leave Square alone

Regarding your paper’s campaign for George Square to be a pedestrian paradise – what a load of rubbish. I am totally opposed to this.

You need to clear out drunks and vagrants who make the current square unpleasant.

How do vehicles access Queen Street Station? How do you re-direct traffic? This is obviously ant-vehicle. The car is a ‘bad’ thing. Well, it just makes me want to go elsewhere, ie Braehead. Sauchiehall Street with no cars will be a dead street of closed shops.

It’s a daft suggestion. No tourist buses visiting City Chambers? bus routes for people to use? No taxis from the railway station? No bus to airport connection?

Margaret Robertson, Knightswood

Drug double standards

Why is that when one woman supplies her six-year-old son with cannabis oil to combat his life-threatening seizures, she’s investigated by the police, yet numerous Tories leadership contenders confess to having taken class A drugs and nothing more is said?

If this isn’t double standards, what is?

Stephen McCarthy, Glasgow

Crazy world

Totally agree with LJT on hosing the morons down with a chemical dye. Problem is that the firefighters would probably get done for violating the human rights of the wee souls.

The world is upside down.

M A, Glasgow

Be polite on roads

I totally agree with reader A Leitch. (Evening Times, July 8) regarding courteous drivers. It seems everyone is in a rush and have no manners to acknowledge you if let them out/pass etc. Road rage is now so common and it’s not all just young drivers either. I also think it’s right to be considerate to other drivers.

Aileen Mac, Glasgow