AN asylum seeker has been granted an appeal against the lock change evictions which threaten hundreds of people with homelessness.

Private contractor Serco is planning to change locks and evict asylum seekers before they hand over properties back to landlords in September when their contract with the Home Office ends.

However, one asylum seeker represented by Govan Law Centre has an appeal hearing set for next month.

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Lord Drummond Young granted the motion for appeal by a Ms Ali on the legality of lock change evictions.

Politicians, campaigners and charities representing asylum seekers have protested the plan to evict people and pledged to prevent any evictions taking place.

The challenge is against the practice where asylum seekers are evicted without a court order.

Meanwhile, a charity has urged housing associations.

The appeal is due to be heard on August 28 at the Court of Session, Scotland’s highest civil appeal court.

Interim interdicts have also been granted at Glasgow Sheriff court preventing any eviction while there are asylum appeals ongoing.

Mike Dailly, Principal Solicitor at Govan Law Centre, who is representing Ms Ali, said Serco should halt plans for evictions until the re is a definitive ruling in Scotland. Failure to do so he said could lead to hundreds of interdicts

Positive Action in Housing said five interdicts have so far been granted.

Politicians in the city have urged a rethink from Serco and the Home Office.

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Chris Stephens, SNP MP for Glasgow South West and Paul Sweeney, Labour MP for Glasgow North East, represent the areas with the highest number of cases. Both have pledged their support to stop any evictions.

Sandra White, Kelvin SNP MSP, has urged the Home Office to halt the evictions.

Housing charity Shelter Scotland said it believed the practice is illegal.

Ms White said: “The deadline for these evictions is looming, but the silence from the Home Office on this matter has been absolutely deafening. The UK Government must live up to its responsibilities and step in – instead of letting an asylum accommodation provider deal with the inevitable results of an utterly flawed system.

“This completely immoral and inhumane lock-change and eviction programme must be stopped, with immediate effect.”