OUR search for the greatest Glaswegian of all time has taken a comic turn, as Govan philosopher Rab C Nesbitt, and pintsize sheriff of Calton Creek Lobey Dosser join the shortlist.

Throughout July, we are revealing the top 50 men and women who have put Glasgow on the map – including some fabulous fictional heroes.

Once all have been revealed, we will be launching a public vote to find the winner.

You can catch up on all those on the shortlist so far at eveningtimes.co.uk

Rab C is a sarcastic, deadbeat Govan street philosopher who likes a drink, and would never win any fashion awards in his shabby pinstripe suit, dirty string vest and bashed-up shoes. Played on TV by Scottish actor Gregor Fisher from the late 80s right up until 2014, the character struck a chord with Glasgow audiences as he and wife Mary Doll (played by Elaine C Smith) staggered their way through life.

The dry wit and black comedy summed up the Scottish sense of humour and Rab got used to chatting on screen to audiences of more than six million in his 90s heyday.

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Rab’s funny and intuitive observations turned ideas of what it means to be Scottish working class on its head.

Lobey Dosser first appeared in the Evening Times in 1949, in the Bud Neill comic strip of the same name, and he moseyed on until the late 1950s.

The pint-sized sheriff of Calton Creek, assisted by Elfie the two-legged horse, strove to maintain law and order in the Arizona desert, protecting the citizens against the evil plans of Rank Bajin in a series of adventures incomprehensible to everyone except Glaswegians.

Lobey is a local hero - and unlike many of the great men and women on this list of contenders for the title of greatest Glaswegian, even has his own statue.

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