Roads mystery

Recent correspondents M A and Susan Brown both reported that maintenance of the city’s roads and footpaths is simply not happening and they are both quite right.

I suspect that the Neighbourhoods and Sustainability (N&S) department has quietly dropped their own regular regime of inspection and reporting of faults in the roads network, and they have no intention announcing this to us. This means that we must report the faults ourselves.

I think we are entitled to have this confirmed by very highly-paid officials like Andy Waddell and George Gillespie, who run that department. Correspondents M A and Susan Brown criticised Susan Aitken but it is they who pick up the big bucks.

Ironically, Glasgow City Council recently won £24m in a national Smart City contest. Andy Waddell and George Gillespie should be told to create a real-time mapping system to allow residents to see if the faults they reported have been repaired.

Tom Miller, Glasgow

Cowards on emissions

Extinction Rebellion are causing disruption in the UK, but not in countries where it really matters.

Before the 2015 Paris Conference countries were asked to submit their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) up to 2030 in order to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C. However analysis of the INDCs showed that almost all of the high-emitting developing economies expected to raise their CO2 emissions significantly. China will double their emissions and India will treble them. Russia, the fourth largest emitter, was proposing to increase emissions substantially, whilst Japan, the fifth largest emitter is planning to build more coal-fired plants. Extinction Rebellion know the sort of welcome they would get in these countries so instead go for soft-touch UK. Cowardly, not courageous.

Clark Cross, via email