GANGS of boozed-up teens allegedly armed with knives and axes are travelling from outside the city to cause chaos in a West End park – putting police resources under pressure.

Officers have also been attacked while out on patrol.

The Scottish Police Federation say their officers have expressed their concerns about the situation at Kelvingrove Park after repeated call-outs during the warm weather.

Paul Connelly, chair of the west area committee with the Scottish Police Federation, explained cops had even been injured when trying to deal with anti-social incidents involving the young troublemakers in the beauty spot.

He said: “In recent weeks, we have been contacted by several officers who are expressing concerns about their ability to keep the public and themselves safe in the Kelvingrove Park area of Glasgow.

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“It has been widely reported that groups of people have been making the most of the recent good weather and have been gathering within the park area.

“Whilst the vast majority of those visiting cause no issues and are simply having a good time, a number of individuals appear to be responsible for some very concerning anti-social behaviour.”

He added: “Large scale fights have been reported in recent weeks, some of which have involved the alleged use of weapons such as knives and axes.

“There have been a number of assaults, some of which were found to be serious, with officers also being injured whilst carrying out their duties and trying to restore order."

Chief Inspector Morag Lister said the safety of the public and police officers is "paramount" and slammed those who get physical with cops.

She said: "Any form of violence or aggression against them is totally unacceptable. 

"A number of officers have been assaulted when responding to disorder and antisocial behaviour incidents within Kelvingrove Park. 

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"I completely do not condone the irresponsible actions of a minority of people who engage in violence and antisocial behaviour, often under the influence of alcohol. " 

Mr Connelly said the youths are travelling from Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and further afield.

He continued: “They, of course, have a right to enjoy the good weather and the beauty of the park, however, a number have been found to be drinking in public, which has been banned in the city for a number of years.

“If young people are drinking in public places, such as Kelvingrove Park, they could find themselves subject to legal action or may even find themselves becoming victims of crime due to be incapacitated through excessive alcohol.

“We would urge anyone who visits the park to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Everyone has a right to enjoy public spaces such as the park but everyone also has the right to feel safe whilst going about their business and not be afraid of being attacked.

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“Officers are doing their very best to stay on top of the anti-social behaviour that is being reported however they are finding that there are simply not enough resources available to do so.

“Looking after drunk and vulnerable people, often teenagers, places additional demand on the officers who are already finding themselves stretched to the limit.”

Chief Inspector Lister rounded off: "Police Scotland has a bespoke policing operation in place to manage disorder within the park.  This plan is designed along with our partner agencies to ensure the safety of the public, police officers and partner agencies.

"This plan remains under constant review to ensure it remains appropriate and proportionate.

"We continue to work with our partners, such as Glasgow City Council, local residents and elected members jointly to tackle the issue of disorder and antisocial behaviour and promote the safe use of Kelvingrove Park."

We previously reported that cops have been patrolling the park when temperatures soar. But despite the proactive measures, several serious assaults have still taken place.