AN SNP MP has raised the issue of deaths that have taken place along the River Clyde in recent weeks.

Alison Thewliss spoke about the issue in Parliament on Thursday after we exclusively reported how vital signs warning thugs not to vandalise lifebelts were trashed just one week after being installed.

Ms Thewliss described the incidents as a “frustration” for many in Glasgow and has called on a wider debate on the issue.

She told her fellow MPs: “You may be aware that there have been a number of deaths on the Clyde in recent weeks. 

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“It’s to the frustration of many people - the council, campaigners, Glasgow Humane Society who have 229 years of campaigning to save lives by the Clyde - that recent signs installed to discourage the damaging and tampering of vital safety equipment have themselves been damaged.”

The ‘taking a lifebelt is taking a life’ campaign saw signs put up along the River Clyde by Glasgow City Council.

But bosses noticed signs near The Clutha pub had been wrecked just days after being put in place.

Now, they have a stark message for vandals: you are risking lives.

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After speaking in London, Ms Thewliss said: “It was hugely frustrating and disappointing to see that lifebelt vandalism is still ongoing, even after this was highlighted in the Evening Times. It’s ridiculous that the Glasgow Humane Society are still having to retrieve lifebelts carelessly thrown into the Clyde. To have the new warning signs damaged as well shows how much still needs to be done on this issue.

“I hope there can be a wider debate in Parliament to establish how widespread this problem is and to look at solutions such as making tampering with life-saving equipment an offence. As the campaign says, ‘taking a life belt is taking a life’.”

Ms Thewliss earlier shared our article on Twitter and said: “This is appalling - vandalising the new lifebelt signs on the back of damage to lifesaving equipment is utterly mindless. Please report any info to @GlasgowCC @GHSLifeguards.”

Andy Waddell, chairman of Glasgow’s Water Safety Group, added: “People who vandalise the lifebelts along the Clyde need to be fully aware of the potentially lethal consequences of their actions.

“That anyone who would seek to destroy a safety message intended to protect lives is truly mind-boggling.”