OUR readers have something to say today:

Blame Westminster

In reply to H McKean (Letters, July 12), foodbanks and poverty have not risen because of the Scottish Government, but from the direct austerity policies of Westminster who continually turn a deaf ear on any effect, their right-wing agenda affects the people of Scotland.

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Also, the anti-English sentiments spoken about are a myth bandied about by people with their own narrow agendas. As a nationalist, I have lived and worked in England for many years and have absolutely no antipathy towards ordinary working-class English folk who are suffering every bit as much with extreme elements of the Tory Party, which is about to get much worse.

We must be one of the few nations in the world with a section of the population who continually see negativity in a nation wanting to run its own affairs.

M A, Glasgow

What a shambles

I was in Sauchiehall Street recently for the first time in a while. The money and all the hype about the cycle path – what a joke! It’s not even fiñished with barricades in some areas. Finish what been started before making a shambles of George Square. Waken up, planners the city is in a dire state.

S J, via email

Scrap licence fee

When are our MPs MSPs and the press going to start advocating the privatisation of the BBC? They are talking about stopping free licences for the over 75s.

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This is the only country in the world that pays a tax for having a television set in your home.

This money goes to pay for an unregulated, bloated government department that is past its sell-by date. There are about 100 channels on Freeview plus a choice of streaming sites where every taste is catered for, so there is no need for this monstrosity to exist and everyone in the country would receive a tax cut of £154.

William Allan, East Kilbride

Writing on the wall

Memo to Sir Kit Darroch... did your mammy never tell you never, I repeat never, put anything in writing that can come back to bite you in the bum years later?

Johnnie Mac, Glasgow