Stormzy has 'made the year' of a superfan who was stretchered out of his set at TRNSMT festival on Friday night.

Edinburgh lad James Weir had travelled with his mate to the Glasgow Green fest alongside thousands for the first time to see the UK rapper, when tragedy struck during the first song.

The 'Shut Up' legend had hardly opened his mouth when James tripped and fell during a mosh-pit - causing around four or five other fans to fall on top of him.

He was stretchered out of the crowd of hundreds after straining muscles in his calf but was stunned when the star stopped by his ambulance after the performance.

"We were sitting listening to the songs from the medical tent – he sounded unreal," James told The Evening Times. "We were gutted that we missed the show.

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"Me and the boys - we were sitting missing the full concert feeling pretty low.

"But we saw Stormzy passing by and shouted him over and he gave us a wave - but then he came right in the ambulance to see what had happened!"

The fans had travelled to see Stormzy specifically, and could not believe their luck when he paid them a special visit.

James said: "He’s such a nice guy – I knew he was tall, but he was just massive.

"He didn’t need to do anything, just acknowledging us would have been fine.

"He was just so down to earth and shook our hands, took a picture for us as well."

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Their luck did not seem to stop there, as the kind-hearted rapper could not see such dedicated fans go without.

He offered to sort them out with free tickets to one of his shows, to make up for the missed performance.

James laughed: "I'm still in shock: it was totally worth getting hurt for."

We told you yesterday how Stormzy covered a Lewis Capaldi hit during his headline slot of yesterday's festival.

Police are still searching for suspects after a woman was sexually assaulted during Stomzy's set last night.