Thousands are being warned against using flares and smoke devices at TRNSMT Festival - with police promising to arrest anyone caught.

As music-lovers begin to arrive at Glasgow Green for the third day of the summer festival, organisers and police are reminding attendees of which items are banned.

They say anyone found in possession of smoke devices or flares will be arrested.

Over 20 people have been arrested so far for minor offences - with eight of those taking place yesterday.

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Increased security checks have ensured almost 50 people have been turned away at the festival gates after they were found with drugs on their person.

Superintendent Simon Jeacocke, Police Scotland continued: “Saturday at TRNSMT was extremely positive with attendees in good spirits at the event.

"Eight people were arrested for minor offences, and because of positive police searches at the gates, plus on-site partnership working with event organisers, we detected and deterred 23 people from entering the site with drugs.

“Our message today remains the same - know what you can and cannot bring on-site. Drugs, smoke devices and flares are illegal; you will be arrested if we find them on your possession.

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"Stay safe and don't take the risk.”

Festival event manager Colin Roger said: "Our multi-agency approach continues to work extremely well in the safe, efficient and successful delivery of TRNSMT, and our partnership with Police Scotland has ensured strong searching and a zero-tolerance towards anyone trying to enter the site with illegal or prohibited items."