DESPITE praise from police about the “good spirits” of music fans’, this year’s TRNSMT festival was still hit by crime.

A largely positive experience was blighted by the sexual assault of a woman on Friday night, while dangerous flares were smuggled into Glasgow Green.

Police said a proactive policing policy saw almost

50 people turned away from the festival gates on Friday and Saturday having been caught with drugs.

An official warning was issued to festival-goers after flares and smoke devices were taken into the event, with police promising to arrest anyone caught.

Last night, figures showed more than 20 people had been arrested for minor offences, with updated figures expected today.

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Superintendent Simon Jeacocke said: “Saturday at TRNSMT was extremely positive, with attendees in good spirits at the event.

“Eight people were arrested for minor offences, and because of positive police searches at the gates, plus on-site partnership working with event organisers, we detected and deterred 23 people from entering the site with drugs”

Festival event manager Colin Roger said: “Our multi-agency approach continued to work extremely well in the safe, efficient and successful delivery of TRNSMT, and our partnership with police has ensured strong searching and a zero-tolerance towards anyone trying to enter with illegal or prohibited items.”

However, a woman was sexually assaulted on Friday night just yards from hundreds of people enjoying a performance by Stormzy.

The 32-year-old victim was attending the show with her family when she was attacked. She was grabbed by one man and sexually assaulted by another as she made her way to the toilets, believed to be near the main stage.

The attack took place at about 10pm, around halfway through Stormzy’s set.

Three men walking by shouted at the attackers, who then ran off, leaving the woman to make her way back to her family and alert police.

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The attackers were described as white, about 6ft, and of medium build with have dark hair. One was wearing a black T-shirt with a small logo on the front and the other a white T-shirt with black writing.

Detective Sergeant Euan Keil, of Stewart Street police office, appealed to the three men who intervened to stop the attack to contact officers.

said: “The woman was making her way to the toilets when she was grabbed by one man and pulled to the rear of the toilet block, where another man sexually assaulted her.

“Her attackers fled when they were disturbed by three men who were walking by the area and who shouted at them.

He said: “I don’t think the three realised what was actually going on or that their intervention probably stopped this attack from escalating. It is important we trace them because what they saw could prove vital to us catching the two men responsible.”

While most people took the straightforward route of attending the festival through the main gates, video footage emerged of two men trying to access by swimming in the Clyde.

The footage showed them on the banks of the river outside Glasgow Green at Crown Street going into the Saltmarket. The area is close to a bridge that marks the boundary between Gorbals and city centre.

The video was shot on Friday before stars such as Stormzy, Gerry Cinnamon and Years and Years took to the stage.

Ahead of the shows at Glasgow Green, the

Glasgow Humane Society, which helps ensure safety around the city’s waterways, urged people to think before they act and enjoy the concerts safely.

Security staff working at the event to keep people safe said locals were also working to help them.

G4S, which covered security throughout the three-day festival, emailed organisers to thank local residents and businesses for providing cups of tea, water, and even access to their toilets.

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Some cheery locals even brightened their day by offering face painting, ensuring stewards’ festival looks were complete.

Mark McQuade, operations manager at G4S, said: “We strive to work really closely with our neighbours at Glasgow Green, and it’s been great to hear so many have been getting in the community spirit.

“Our security staff have been delighted by local businesses and residents offering everyday acts of kindness, including refreshment and access to facilities nearby.

“This all helps us to protect the neighbourhoods to the standard we are all looking to achieve – as well as brightening our day.

“We’d like to thank the local community for their help.”