OVER 230 motorists in Scotland have been found to be over the drink-drive limit this summer.

One man was found to be eight times over the limit after he crashed his car, while another was six times over.

Police Scotland has issued a severe warning in the wake of the figure being published.

It comes during the force’s recent summer drink/drug-driving campaign.

Police Scotland said that, between June 24 and July 7, officers across the country carried out 3,076 breath tests, with 238 of those showing drivers were over the breath-alcohol limit which is 22mcg/100ml of breath. 

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Twenty-nine of those detected were caught the morning after the night before, and 27 drivers face forfeiture orders for the removal of their vehicle.

During the campaign, a man in the Highlands and Islands was arrested following a road traffic crash and blew eight times over the drink-drive limit when he was arrested. 

Another man in Livingston was also found to be more than six times over the drink-drive limit when he was arrested in relation to alleged road traffic offences. 

Chief Superintendent Stewart Carle, head of road policing for Police Scotland, slammed drivers who are not more careful.

He said: “It beggars belief that, despite the continued efforts of road safety agencies, so many drivers in Scotland still aren’t heeding our warnings about the dangers of drinking and driving, or getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs.  

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“This selfish, reckless behaviour is a personal choice and could cost someone their life.  Drivers and motorcyclists who drink or take drugs put themselves and other road users at grave risk of death or serious injury.

“We are committed to tackling the irresponsible actions of anyone who drives drunk or after taking drugs.  

“Our officers won’t hesitate to carry out the necessary checks on anyone who is thought to be driving under the influence.

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“Everyone has a responsibility to ensure they are fit and safe to drive every time they take control of a motor vehicle. There are no exceptions to these laws.”

He continued: “One alcoholic drink can put you over the limit in Scotland - it’s simply not worth the risk.

“If you’re going out, plan how you’ll get home and bear in mind you may still be unfit to drive the morning after you’ve been drinking. If you don’t, you could be responsible for taking someone’s life and face life-changing consequences.”