We have sent the following letter to Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Home Secretary and Victoria Atkins, Drugs Minister, Nicola Sturgeon First Minister, Humza Yousaf , Justice Secretary, Joe Fitzpatrick, public health minister, Susan Aitken, Council Leader and Mhairi Hunter Vice chair of the Integrated Joint Board.

“There is a public health emergency in the city of Glasgow.

Drug related deaths have increased to record levels and almost 1500 people have died in the city in the last ten years.

We believe that with political will and appropriate government actions these deaths are preventable.

The latest figures released today are expected to show more than 1000 deaths in Scotland and more than 200 in Glasgow.

It is our opinion that this requires urgent action from every level of Government.

We are calling for an emergency drugs death summit to be held in Glasgow.

The problem exists across Scotland and the United Kingdom but the statistics consistently show that Glasgow is in the greatest need of an emergency response.

It would be to the benefit of the entire country if Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Government and the UK Government were to jointly convene this summit with a view to pursuing an agreed course of action immediately.

Our city’s sons and daughters are dying in record numbers. It is therefore obvious that the current practices are not effective.

We think this is completely unacceptable and demand action from all our representatives.

An emergency drugs summit would allow decision makers the opportunity to meet and listen to the service providers, service users and their families and with health professionals and police and prosecutors.

On behalf of the people of Glasgow we are asking for you to commit to agreeing to help organise and attend an emergency summit in Glasgow.

We look forward to your response.”

Yours on behalf of the people of Glasgow

The Evening Times