Let prisoners vote

It’s about time that prisoners were given the right to vote – after all, they too have thoughts on political parties and their policies, some of them have families and want the best government there is to look after schools, the NHS, elderly care etc. And believe it or not they’d like to see an improved law and justice system.

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Such a scheme would be easy to operate on voting days and it wouldn’t cost the government or the councils any extra resources.

I think governments should seriously consider this, as everyone is entitled to a vote but as with all regulations, there are always exceptions to the rules and I think that everyone knows which prisoners those should be.

Caroline McCord, Glasgow

Screen test

Sunday viewing on Film4 – Miracle on 34th Street. It appears to be coming on earlier each year. The earliest I’ve seen it on last year was August 21. Watch how many times we get it from now on, I guarantee both versions will be brainwashing us into the Christmas spirit from here on in. We have also had Home Alone quite a lot recently. Constant capitalist indoctrination.

Richard Low, Twechar

Festival mess

I couldn’t believe the mess revellers made all along Argyle Street on Saturday as they made their way to the TRNSMT concert in Glasgow Green. The pedestrian area was littered with broken Buckfast and vodka bottles.

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Young folk, some obviously well underage and staggering all over the place, were swigging alcohol as if it was going out of style. I thought public drinking was against the law? Having said that, there was not a police presence anywhere to be seen.

If this had been football fans there would have been a very different approach.

G M, Glasgow