WHEN it comes to experiencing live music, I live in the best city in the world. 

Glasgow is the place musicians from all around the world look forward to playing. 

It is therefore only right that we have a festival in the heart of the city – and I am grateful that Geoff Ellis recognises that too. 

TRNSMT for me is one of the best things to have happened to Glasgow’s music scene.

Unlike run of the mill shows, festivals are where you can expect the unexpected. 

For three days I immersed myself in reporting on all the goings-on at TRNSMT and the adrenaline rush was like no other. 

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Arriving on site, seeing the sun bounce off the People’s Palace and the park come alive was just magical. 

I love my city and when people come together in one place, it can only be a good thing.

The critics will say the line-up was bad – I even said it myself. But I pushed past that and concentrated on new talent, discovering amazing bands in the process. 

But I need to be honest and say it, Friday night was just chaos. I almost feared for the future of the event when I saw what was going on in the park.

I felt like everyone under 18 decided to go to TRNSMT but no one gave them the rule book for acceptable behaviour at a festival.

Over-consuming alcohol and drugs, wearing clothing that left nothing to the imagination and just general rudeness were some of the offences the young team exhibited on Friday. It is this small minority who ruin the experience for everyone else – why can’t they just behave like normal law-abiding citizens?

I woke up weary-eyed on Saturday morning thinking, why did I agree to do this?

But then normality resumed, the adults appeared and calmness was restored. I rocked with Irish band Fontaines DC and being a fan of all things Britpop I embraced the entire set of The DMAs. 

My highlight was Richard Ashcroft. The man can sing. His music and lyrics never age, and he just loves Glasgow. His praise of the city’s music scene was spot on and wearing a Barrowland T-shirt was just a nice touch. 

But I am a journalist who is always chasing the story and Sunday was the day for TRNSMT.

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That little known singer Lewis Capaldi is a journalist’s dream. His quotes and antics bring news stories alive and he is a rarity in an industry which is normally tightly controlled by a PR machine. 

I love Oasis but even I had to take offence at Noel Gallagher’s smarmy comments about Scotland being a third world country.

And for little Lewis Capaldi, at 22, to stand up against a music industry heavyweight is just sheer class.

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He makes me proud to be Scottish and his celebration of our culture makes me love him that little bit more.

So Mr Ellis, can you get onto Lewis’ team and ensure he has July 10 to 12, 2020 in his books? We all want to see what he does next.