UNION bosses have expressed their disgust at an act of vandalism on a Glasgow memorial. 

The tribute to the Blockade Runners to Spain, which is situated next to the River Clyde, was only erected months ago but has come under attack by vandals in the city. 

The tribute is dedicated to the seafarers who broke Franco’s blockade of Republican ports.

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Thirty-five merchant navy and eight Royal Navy seafarers died and scores were injured on vessels attacked by submarine, naval and aerial forces under fascist control between 1936-38. 

The memorial is on the Clyde walkway next to the Jamaica Street bridge

Posting on Twitter, the RMT's Glasgow Shipping branch posted a photograph of the desecrated memorial. 

RMT bosses have now spoken out about the incident, taking to social media. 

A Twitter post said: "After so much hard work by so many wonderful people and the excitement earlier this year unveiling this fantastic memorial to the Blockade Runners we were totally disgusted to to see this vandalism today."

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Union general secretary Mick Cash added: “RMT is appalled and disgusted at the vandalism to this important memorial to the brave Blockade Runners who risked everything to oppose Franco and support those defending democracy. 

“RMT is proud to have supported those who worked tirelessly to make this memorial a reality. 

"The shameful graffiti will be washed away but the memory of those who stood against fascism will never be allowed to fade.”

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Branch chairperson Dan Henderson added: "It makes me so sad to to see that someone could do this, so much work went into the memorial from so many dedicated people. 

"We would hope that the reaction of Glaswegians and the media will help to educate people on the selfless sacrifices that the Blockade Runners made to help those less fortunate than themselves."